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Without meds,& pregnant

I recently found out I was pregnsnt. I'm about four weeks and 3 days. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and have been taking meds for 2 months now.

First concern is I ran out of my meds. yesterday, & can't get a refill until monday. (2 full days without) will I be ok?

Second of all will I be OK just recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism?

Very concerned,& it's Sunday here

Thanks for any prayers, thoughts, & positivity!

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Are you in the UK?

You can go to a pharmacy and ask them to "loan" you a few tablets. Perfectly ordinary and legal.

Take with you your old packet, any prescription "repeat" forms, etc. Basically something to back up your story and prove your dose. This can be done not only if you run out but also if you did something like drop half a pack down the toilet!

Most smaller pharmacies are closed on Sundays but some of the high street ones may be open as are most of the supermarket ones I know of.

You really need to put in for a repeat with plenty of time for them to process it, you to collect it, etc., without any fear of running out.



Portia, Levothyroxine will have built up in your system during the 2 months you have been taking it and missing a couple of doses once is very unlikely to cause any problem but do as Helvella suggested and ask for a loan from the pharmacy until your repeat scrip is filled.


I'm sure it won't make a difference just going without for a few days but you must make sure they monitor your levels very closely as TSH needs to be below 2 and they may need to up your dosage. You may need more thyroxine in the first 12 weeks as the baby doesn't develop a functioning thyroid gland until after this time I believe. x


Thank you so much charlS28, being pregnant makes you bananas. Let alone dealing with one of the most underestimated, misunderstood glands!

I'm on a dose of 125 which seems high. I have an appointment tomorrow.

Could they possibly up the dose of this anymore?

Thanks again for your help and awareness


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