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Hypo & Pregnant

I was diagnosed last year with hypothyroidism, and it's taken me until very recently to start feeling normal again. I have recently found out I'm pregnant after five years of trying so we are delighted. My GP has done my bloods there were around 1 previously (not sure exactly) but this week was 3.17 is this a little high? I've read usually that while pregnant your levo is increased but Doctors receptionist said its fine! I'm currently taking 75mcg of levothyroxin.

Thank You

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I am happy you are pregnant as hypo can sometimes cause infertility. Doctor's Receptionist has no right to give you any advice whatsoever.

This is an extract from an article in Pulse Magazine. If want a copy for your GP email louise.warvill@thyroiduk.org:-

10 And what about hypothyroidism in pregnant women?

Untreated maternal hypothyroidism results in neuropsychological damage to the offspring. Patients with hypothyroidism who become pregnant need to have the dose of levothyroxine increased on average by 50µg daily in order to maintain normal serum TSH concentrations.

The advice to patients with established hypothyroidism is that they should increase their dose of levothyroxine by 25µg daily as soon as pregnancy is confirmed and make an appointment for thyroid function tests to be measured some two weeks later. The aim is to achieve a free T4 concentration of 16-20pmol/l.

Further measurement of serum free T4 and TSH should be made six weeks later and again in the middle of the second and third trimesters.

The pre-pregnancy dose of levothyroxine can be restored four weeks after delivery by which time the increased concentrations of thyroxine binding globulin will have returned to normal. It’s not clear whether this meticulous care is necessary and it may well be that any thyroxine therapy in the hypothyroid mother will allow normal foetal development.

Dr Tony Toft is consultant physician and endocrinologist at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, and a former president of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh and of the British Thyroid Association


Thank You for your reply I have tried to email you to request the pulse article but unfortunately it just keeps bouncing back.

Kind Regards



Hi Emma

Not sure why that is! :( Try louise.warvill@thyroiduk.org.uk

I can't answer till Monday anyway as that is the office email. :-)




Hi congrats on being pregnant . I have a 6 month old . I found that my levels didn't need adjusting when I was pregnant I didn't know about the above but my son is fine thank god. Wishing u the best x


That's reassuring to hear! Congratulations on your bundle if joy! X


I did not have to increase my levels during pregnancy either. I had regular blood tests to check and was put under consultant led care rather than midwife led. I had a straightforward pregnancy and had a perfectly healthy boy. I hope you will have a smooth ride too.


From what my GP/Consultant/Midwife told me though your TSH should be kept under 2.


Telephoned the GP today about my concerns! But there are sure my levels are fine. Seeing the Midwife of Thursday lets see if I get any joy with her!


It is usual to increase levothyroxine once pregnant. We have some Guidelines here if you would like them so that you can discuss it with your GP. Send me an email enquiries@thyroiduk.org


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