Hey.... the petition is motoring along towards 5,000

Lets keep doing more than signing, lets keep up with the networking and sharing of it as we need real change and choice. Friends, relatives, neighbours and work colleagues - recruit the lot and ask them to do the same. 16,000 plus on here, lets all contribute to changing the culture so it is the norm to ask our GP to prescribe the right treatment for the right individual. If each person on here recruited 5 people that would be 86,000 signatures! we are at currently 4,433. Thank you to everybody who is actually helping.



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  • If you use Twitter and Facebook just click on the icons on the petition to share.

  • Why hasn't every one on here signed this ? I don't understand. ?

  • I think really it is apathy and also petition fatigue, but sad as it is so easy to sign it and so easy to pass it on.. it make you feel that people don't care, yet they could actually have access to a medication that they perhaps can't afford to buy. I will continue to try and promote it, but more people need to wake up and help. MaryFx

  • Yes wake up everybody! !!! We need this to go through ....well done maryf

  • Well done Louise W, for starting the call to action, however she needs us to help. MaryFx

  • Can't understand why this petition is so slow in reaching the numbers we want. There are other Thyroid organisations out there who must be interested in this investigation. Could we approach them and ask their members to sign up. I realise there might be some politics around this but we all want the same thing, easy access to a full range of meds not just levothyroxine.

  • I have put it in every forum I can find, and hope that is making a difference, but we do need specific patient groups to get involved, but if only everybody who is a member on here would sign and recruit, that would be a good starting point.


  • Exactly ...just every person on here needs to sign ...If your on here you must see we need this to go through or things will never get better

  • Feel free to ask! :)

    Please remember that only UK residents can sign - but people outside the UK are still more than welcome to spread the word...! xx

  • I've just (fri) sent it to a number of thyroid and mental health charities. Also to various tv and radio shows a couple of weeks ago. Will try newspapers and mags next. If anyone has any ideas then I'm happy to consider helping (depends on time and my low energy levels!)

  • Great stuff. I sent it out to 350 on Facebook, and regularly post it there, also every other forum I can find, plus of course to my entire email list, it did get a lot of signatures doing that. MaryFx

  • Can people from abroad sign the petition? It's a question I've just been asked.

  • Only UK citizens - see here:



  • Hi Rod, I read the Terms and Conditions after I posted! Yes it's a shame but understandable. Anyway I have folks signing and sharing on Pernicious Anaemia and Addison's disease Facebook pages. Brilliant! Doing what I can, and I'm sure others are too :-)

  • Super star status! MaryFx

  • There's been a lot of interest MaryF. Signing and sharing too, really pleased! A lot of people with PA/ B12def have thyroid issues, the same with Addison's disease, so a good response.

    Have you rolled it out to the other Health unlocked forums? Anyone? There's so much crossing over with chronic diseases. Xx

  • I periodically do on a few and work on another, but don't over do it. However I have recruited many people via my email list and social network and various groups on line. MaryFx

  • Facebook is great for spreading the word! Already done my email list, running out of ideas now. Xx

  • Hi Mary

    Thanks for keeping the ball rolling... I was away for the weekend! :) xxx

  • Yes we just need a couple of other thousand people to help in the same way! MaryFx

  • Yes... I just put it on a Facebook forum with nearly 12,000 members, will do some more on it tomorrow MaryFx

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