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GP's & Test and what the results should be?

Hi guys and thanks in advance for any advice given.

Might as well start at the beginning lol 1

In Jan 2007, I was diagnosed with post-natal depression (dd2 was 6 months). Fortunately my GP asked for a full blood test to be done and it showed I had a severe underactive thyroid, I believe my TSH was over 80 and immediately put on Levothyroxine, unbeknown to me at the time I was also 2 months prg with ds1. Anyway I fely absolutely amazing within days of taking meds, kept having blood tests and eventually ended up by 2013 with a dose of 300mg.

I had another dd3 in july 2010 and have felt right since. I'm ill every other month or so,I mean real illnesses such as meningococcal septicemia meningitis, appendicitis, hospitalised with kidney infections, swine flu where i was hospitalised, pelvic infections (hospital stay again x 2) I've lost 6 teeth, wear dentures and have numerous abscesses in my mouth at least 6/8 x a year - you name it, I've had it. I've got arthritis in my spine and degenerative discs in my spine also

I'm only 33yrs next week!

I've never seen a specialist as my GP's don't think it necessary (???)

I had a blood test yday due to my meds being took down to 250mg in January, and the GP has rang at 10am today and wants me in for an appt today at 3.30pm and all I could get from the receptionist was that one test of TFT came back at 53, am I right in assuming thats my T4? As you can all imagine I've or should I say we have had enough of living like this, fortunately dh and my family are super but we feel this can't continue.

Anyway what should I be asking the GP?

What tests should i ask for?

am I right to want to see an endocrinologist?

Sorry for waffling x

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Forgot to add that my periods are horrendous and my heart rate is always over 110 but they always put that down to me being hyper rather than hypo and was one of the reasons my med was dropped to 250mg ! I also sweat alot (sorry tmi) but tends to be mostly my face and I weigh 13st11 having lost 11lb in 6 weeks (how with my thyroid underactive I don't know) x


Hi Lorna, I have replied to your post but am sure you will get some more.


Thank you x


What a terrible list of illnesses. You have had an awful time. Being low on iron would also be a possible cause of fast pulse. Make sure your doctors test your ferritin levels as that would affect the way your body uses your thyroxine. You can end up in a vicious circle of heavy periods - low iron - causes heavier periods. However if you are always sweating and losing weight you might be overmedicated. I think you should definitely see an endocrinologist. You should have seen an endocrinologist while you were pregnant. On a dose of 300mcg a day your thyroid must be almost completely non-functional.


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