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2 week referral

Thank you so much to everyone that has given me advice on diet, supplements etc since I joined this forum a few days ago. Can't believe I didn't know about this amazing site before before, it's empowered me with so much information :)

Anyway, today my much awaited doctors appointment happened, to discuss that I'm not happy or well on levo alone. He behaved in a manner that was very out of character but very helpful. I'm having all the blood tests under the sun that you guys suggested to me, they're all happening on monday, D3, B12 etc. He's also referred me to an endo via a 2 week referral to screen me for cancer. I wasn't really expecting that. He said my thyroid feels enlarged, and as I've had a 6 week history of a hoarse voice and swallowing problems it's important to rule it out or in. Is it common in patients with hypothyroid? Should I be psyching myself up for the worst? I'm a 22 year old female.

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Hi Emrose,

No need to psych yourself up, thyroid cancer is very rare but your GP is right to refer you to rule it out. The inflamed thyroid gland may be compressing your windpipe making your voice hoarse.

You'll probably have an ultrasound guided fine needle aspiration (FNA). The procedure isn't painful as local anaesthetic is applied prior to the needle being inserted to remove cells for analysis. It is a little uncomfortable as you have to lie with your throat thrust upward and your neck will be stiff, sore and bruised for a few days but paracetamol will help with discomfort.

Post the results of your vitamin and mineral tests with lab ref ranges for comments and advice.

I hope the FNA is benign. Please let us know how you get on.

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I believe it is also quite common for the test to come back inconclusive the first time. So don't be spooked if it does!


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