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Losing weight on levothyroxine?

I have only recently been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and been prescribed 25mg of levothyroxine. Before this diagnosis I have steadily been putting on weight even though I exercise 5 times a week and eat healthily. Can this medication help me lose the weight? I am also coeliac so I have to be very careful with what I eat. Any information would be great :)

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From my own experience I would say that you need to get on a proper replacement dose of thyroxine before the weight will start to come off.

Make sure you go back and get re-tested every six weeks or so. Post your results on here and we will tell you whether you need to ask for an increase or not. Most people land somewhere between 100mcg and 200mcg in the end.

There's actually proper, published research that says it's a waste of time and money to start anyone under 60 with no signs of ischaemic heart disease on anything less than 100mcg.

I started this time on 75mcg and saw benefits from the very first dose.


I take 37.5mcg of Levo a day and have lost 1/2stone since starting it 10 months ago, I'm a healthy eater, so who knows you may be lucky enough to lose some weight.


Ansteynomad - do you have a link to the research paper? My endo has suggested 25mg starting dose too. I'm 43 with no heart problems and feel this is too low. Thanks.


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