Losing weight dramatically on levothyroxine

My boyfriend has never put on weight with his non existent thyroid since being on levo he has lost about 2 stone over about 10months.. he is 6ft 2 and now weighs just over 10 stone, he is skin and bone it's scary.. we eat a very healthy organic diet..

Does anyone else have this same problem? What should he do? He's on 100mg levo but I'm hoping for him to change to Erfa but I the GPs will NOT prescribe it!!!! We are going to get it online at a legit pharmacy in Andorra that was recommended to me by someone on here..

Tony is so much iller on levo all his symptoms are much worse, hoping Erfa will help him..

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  • It's very expensive tho and we can't really afford it but what choice do we have..?

  • I44T39,

    Thai NDT, Thyroid-S and Thiroyd, is less expensive than Erfa.

  • Has he checked with the doctor that there isn't another cause for the weight loss.

  • I44T39,

    Do you have Tony's recent thyroid results and ranges? Unwanted weight loss can be due to over medication but hypothyroid symptoms will be bad if he is under medicated.

    I lost a lot of weight on Levothyroxine. I was recommended to eat frequent small meals but struggled with that as I no longer have much appetite. My Protein Hard Gainer protein shake in milk helped me gain some weight.

  • We are waiting for his latest blood test results.. will post them to ask advice when we have them, thanks so much

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