Blood test normal but have every other symptom


I am 95% sure I have an under active thyroid. I have a goita and I am waiting for an ultrasound as I have nodules on my thyroid.

However I need some advice. I gained two stone in three weeks, I have dry skin, I am always tired etc but my blood tests always come back negative. Thyroid issues are in my family also. Before the weight gain I was able to lose weight with diet alone (I am disabled and had been for 8 years before this incident) but since the weight gain I cannot lose weight. I have been advised by two GP's to eat less calories however I eat around 1100 a day (which, according to one GP was too much). The other GP told me to just eat 600 calories!

My question (sorry for waffling) is, is there another blood test that can be done to see if I have a thyroid issue? Or do I go to my GP and ask to be put on tablets for an under active thyroid and see if they work?

Help please! Thank you x

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  • Bobbsta,

    Please post your recent thryoid blood results with the lab ref ranges for advice/comment. Normal results fall within a very broad range so it is good practice to ask for printouts of your blood results.

    I think it is very unlikely that your GP will agree to prescribe Levothyroxine while your results are in range and before the results of your ultrasound scan are available. The scan will enable your GP to determine whether further action needs to be taken.

  • When I go next time, I will ask. Thanks x

  • Hi you could ask for 24 hr urine test for t3 and t4 and cortisol blood results show everything in range however the urine result revealed low t3 and t4 now on armour and pregnanolone had to go to Belgium for these tests…. hood luck

  • Every urine test I've had this year has had white blood cells in it and have needed antibiotics. Could that be an issue? Apologies for such a stupid question. Thanks. X

  • Wonder how long the GP would last on 600 cals a day? For heaven's sake...

    Normal doesn't mean optimal. As Clutter says, ask for your actual readings. You're perfectly entitled to them, so don't let anyone say you can't have them!

  • Funnily enough I didn't follow that recommendation seeing as the dietician said I was already eating a healthy diet, between 1100 - 1500.


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