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How much calcium should I take?

Could someone advise the recommended calcium supplement amount (and any brand that might be better than another)? My calcium level a couple of months ago was 2.15 (2.2-2.6) and I was just told to eat more calcium rich foods. I've been taking the mega vit from Holland and Barrett which has 8mg in it and trying hard with my diet to include foods high in calcium. Thanks x

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Partially there, are you sure it has 8 mg? Usually calcium supplements are in the 100s of milligrams.

400, 600, 1000 etc.


God sorry pakgad, I must have missed the notification of you replying! Sorry it's 800 x


Calcium supplements should be taken with magnesium because they work together. And your vitamin D level should also be good.

There are foods which are rich in magnesium, like pulses (beans). To be on the safe side, I take magnesium citrate most days and use epsom salt in the bath. 300 - 400 mg of magnesium citrate does not give me the runs. But others may have different experiences. There's other forms of oral magnesium supplementation available.


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