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Taking T3 am or before bed? Thoughts/suggestions?

Hi Everyone. I am wondering if anyone using the Lowe protocol can weigh in on if it is better to take the T3 in the morning, mid day or at night before bed. And if this is in anyway based on cortisol levels at all. Mine are normal on saliva but a bit on the lower end in the am and noon and higher afternoon and eve.

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I take my T3 in one dose when I awake with one glass of water. Breakfast about an hour later. I am neither up nor down as T3 suits me. I had severe palpitations on levo but not on T3 which has a calming effect even though it is the active hormone. Some Endos believe it may be inconsistent as they talk of the 'peak' but even though it is absorbed quickly we have to have enough to saturate our cells and then the effect of it continues between 1 and 3 days.

I have a normal life without the bother of timing, etc. etc. I take supplements at lunchtime.

I do hope it works for you as we all differ.


Thank you Shaws. How much T3 do you take?


I take 30mcg


You know, I think I love you!


I feel better since taking mine between 4 and 6 am. Have you read of Paul Robinson's theory?


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