Taking T4 and T3 together 2 hours before waking?

I am sincerely sorry for having bombarded you with so many questions for the last couple of days but there are so many thyroid-related questions that pop up and I cannot find the answer to all of them myself.

I have always been taking my T4 +/- 2 hours before waking. I have done so out of convenience so as not to wait 1 hour before having breakfast after getting up.

When I added T3 to my regimen, I take the first dose on getting up (so 2 hours apart from T4) and wait 1 hour anyway.

I would like to take them both together 2 hours before getting up, however I am afraid of T3 raising my cortisol (the CT3M) in case I don't have low morning cortisol (have never had a saliva test).

The alternative is taking them both upon getting up and waiting 1 hour before having breakfast.

Since I have never taken them together, I don't know what to expect.

What are the pros and cons of taking T4 and T3 together and apart?

And will there be any pros or cons of taking them together +/-2 hours before getting up?


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  • YulianaRossenova I always think it's a case of try it and see what suits you.

    I used to split my T3 into two doses. I tried taking it all in one dose, no difference for me but it wouldn't work for some.

    I've taken my levo upon waking, in the middle of the night when I need the bathroom, again no difference for me.

    I've taken levo plus half of my T3 together upon walking, levo plus full dose of T3 on waking, some days I take levo early hours of the morning when I need the bathroom and full dose of T3 on waking, nothing feels any different for me. But others will have different experiences.

    And why not have a cortisol saliva test, you can't really guess about that sort of thing.

  • Thank you, SeasideSusie. I will make such a test.

  • I always take my T3 with my Levo on waking - normally about 5am then go back to sleep. I take a small dose of T3 in the afternoon. I feel ok doing it this way.

  • Weeble1, do you have low morning cortisol?

  • I have no idea so can't help with that.

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