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Very high TSH of 43.2. Can anyone offer advice please?

I have been diagnosed as Hypo for 2 years.

I'm 35 yrs old and my TSH was 9 2 years ago when I was diagnosed.

I have been on Levo at various does and have had regular blood tests. Recent it's been fluctuating a lot.

I went Hyper at TSH 0.03 then 3 months later it went to 0.07 (T4 was 6.6), I was tested on Monday this week (1 month after previous test) and I went to Hypo to TSH 43.2 (lab range 0.4-4.5) (T4 was 7.4) I had only increase my dose from 25mcg / 50mcg on alternate days to 50mcg of Levo everyday (1month ago) The doctor has now asked me to take 100mcg Levo daily and get retested in a month for TSH and antibodies.has this happened to anyone else and is there any explanation as to why this fluctualion may be happening and how can it be treated.

Thank you

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Orbie posted last night about a similar experience:

(I hope the link is correct)


Thank you


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