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Every summer I get hives one the same leg in the same place, it spreads all around my calf, like blisters that pop and scar my leg, it is a mess, all I am told is to take hay fever tabs.

Is this common with Hashis and is there something else I could be doing to prevent/cure it?

Thank you in advance :) Only just thought, it has coincided with an increase in levo, could there be a connection?

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Hi my mum had hives a few years ago (she has an underactive thyroid) and she tried everything but in the end she had to take prednisolone which the doctor prescribed and they did go and since then touch wood they've never come back maybe you should try them, let us know how you get on hope it sorts it self out soon.



I always had hives as a child. As a child I was a really picky eater and would only drink tea, not water or juice. I was also anaemic.

Just recently been reading about MTHFR, a big subject that I still do not fully understand.

Here a link to get you started on how histamine in the body may not do the right job for you.

As Jess of The Patient Celiac explains:

'Mast cells are innate immune cells that play a role in defending the body against bacteria, viruses, and parasites, but are best known for their participation in the allergic response. When mast cells degranulate, or burst open, histamine and other chemicals are released, leading to symptoms which we associate with allergies, including having a runny nose, wheezing, hives, etc. Most of us are familiar with the antihistamine drugs that are used to treat allergic symptoms, such as Claritin, Allegra, and [Zyrtec]. Although these medications do not prevent mast cells from releasing histamine, they prevent symptoms by blocking histamine receptors.'

And if you are interested in MTHFR there is a site called that I am currently reading.

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Thank you both, lots to read and think about!


Have you tried applying antihistamine and/or hydrocortisone cream topically? When I got allergy shots, some component caused both an immediate and a late reaction that left my arm swollen and itchy for days; I found immediate application of antihistamine cream seemed to stop the reaction. I now have a few patches of eczema - tiny, itchy blisters that break and leave the skin rough - on my hands that respond somewhat to hydrocortisone cream; at least the itching subsides and it doesn't spread as quickly.


Thank you I will ask the chemist :)


I have always reacted badly to insect bites and any anti histamines given to me to reduce the reaction. Over the last few years I seem to react to pollen(probably beech etc ) in Spring. I have TPO antibodies so I think I am just allergic to lost of stuff including Gluten and now lactose. I do think it is part of hypothyroid and especially if you also have Hashi's. I did wonder if yours might be like cold sores and the reaction is to sunlight?!


Yes I have considered going gluten free for a while now, can't be sun as my legs never see it lol!


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