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Hi there eyeryone.......im a newbie on a journey of self help....dr's are useless!


im trying to find some answers and hoping you guys might be able to help.....

Ive been backwards and forwards to the dr's for the last two years because I wasnt feeling good...

tiredness but cant sleep

bad skin

mood swings


difficulty loosing weight


headaches, neck ache, tension

pins and needles/numb in hands mainly but sometimes in hips and mostly at night

The dr ran every test she could think of.....tyroid being one....and they all came back fine. She decided i was depressed and persuaded me onto a anti depressant and councelling. I came off them after a couple of weeks as i wasnt comfortable taking them and they had no effect except i found it even harder to sleep.

a friend of mine who is a personal trainer said, you must have a really slow metabolism as you are always on the go and eat well but i was still overweight. Ive always eaten a diet quite high in sugar and sweetners and I realised this might be making things worse. I found out about a way of eating called paleo.....no processed food, just real food. I jumped in with both feet, started to feel better, lost weight...still slowly but it did shift. I started to feel better too, my skin improved and i was sleeping better.

Since then my marriage broke down and ive let sugary things creep back in now and again. Im finding I still hold quite a bit of fat round my middle and im feeling quite stressed, anxious, mood swings, very heavy painful periods and not sleeping again.

Im not sure where to go from here........try some new supplements (i currently take vit B6p5p and omega 3 oil).....go back to the dr.......try and iliminate sugar from my diet again (can i really live sugar free forever?!!)

I was wondering if it could be caused by high cortisol? underactive thyroid? adrenal fatigue? or something else totally

Any advice anyone? :-)

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Sorry that you've been through the gamut of tests. Get a copy of your results together with the lab ranges, and post them here so that folks might comment on them for you. Drs "normal" often doesnt mean well and symptom-free!

dotty4dogs in reply to Hidden

Thank you for your reply. The dr wouldn't give me a print out of the results, all the tests she did were at different times over a couple of years. They would say ring for results and when I rang they just said they're all fine. Last time I went....last year, she said there's nothing else she can do, I'm probably depressed!

Hidden in reply to dotty4dogs

You are entitled by law, it is your legal right to have copies of your results (even if they want to charge a nominal amount for printing them for you.) As you will see here, it is important to take responsibility for, and control of your health and you can only do that if you have the facts. A GP cannot legally refuse this information. Once you have it you will be able to better monitor what is going on with your health and with any meds you might take, but perhaps more importantly, interpret the results with the aim of getting better from your perspective, rather than saving money from the NHS perspective. :-)

Marz in reply to dotty4dogs

PLEASE take a look at the main THYROID UK website and have a read. There will be lots of information and answers to your questions. Also the information regarding obtaining copies of all blood tests - your rights etc. Look around this site too and type things into the Search Box on the Green Bar.

As Hypnoteq says there is little we can do to help until we know your results. It is all about taking control - keeping your own records - reading and learning so you can ask the correct questions of your GP.

Please ask for the Famous Five to be tested - Ferritin - Iron - Folate - B12 - VitD. All need to be OPTIMAL for you to regain your health.

Wishing you luck on your journey to wellness - and keep posting.... Put your results with ranges in a new post - otherwise people will miss it :-)

I don't know but thank you for your help. I will try and get my results although they were from some time ago now. I really need to get to the bottom of this but I also don't want to end up on meds for the rest of my life, I need to know the cause and hopefully heal my body naturally. Paleo has helped me hugely so far so I'm sure most things can be cured with the right lifestyle. I'll keep you posted x

high stress will affect the thyroid and it is very possible that even though your labs are normal you are still hypothyroid at the cellular level. High cortisol will cause abdominal weight gain and also deplete vital nutrients. I would have your cortisol checked via an saliva adrenal panel and see where that is at and also consider that you are hypo despite normal labwork

I got a print out of my last 10 years of blood test results. Granted it was with the help of the nurse who took my blood, but just shows it's easy for the surgery to provide, she posted it to me within 2 days. Usually provided by the receptionist.

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