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Hi I was just wondering does anyone else experience a temperature increase during the night?

My temperature when going to bed at night can be anything between 35.8 and 36.44 but when I wake in the morning it has, over recent months risen to 37. However once I'm awake and lying in bed waiting to get up it will then start start to drop whilst I'm lying there. Once up it will usually start to rise again when taking thyroid hormone. I take T3 only but I am still working on dosing.

(Before taking thyroid medication it would usually be 35.5ish going to bed, rising to say 36.3 during the night then by the time ready to get up would have dropped to 35.9/36 and would keep dropping once up and moving about.)

Does anyone experience anything similar? Does anybody know if this indicates anything?


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When you do a Basal Temp test, that's the advice, to take it before your get before you get out of bed. It's a good way to check your thyroid gland status. Usually when hypo it is low until you get properly medicated, but sometimes it doesn't always come back to normal.


Thanks Shaws. Yes I understand about the basal test but what has been confusing me is when I wake at about 4.30am my temp is 37.1 (it doesn't get that high in the day) but then once awake it will start to drop and about an hr later will be about 36.5. I just wondered why it might rise so much in the night then drop once I woke up. Thanks anyway.


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