Does anyone else fell a great benefit after a yoga pose

I started to do a proper yoga shoulder stand for a few minutes last week and then a plough pose (as best I can). After this I felt great all night and most of the next day, almost as good as I was pre hypo thyoid before I had health issues. Apparantly these are good to get fresh blood in to the thyroid gland which stimulates it and makes it work better - I felt great after these and wondered if anyone does this on a regulr basis - I am going to do this every day now - when I get the time - what a difference :)

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  • I will try anything and will let know if I feel any different :0)

  • Wow sounds great! :0) perhaps i should get back into pose lol x

  • Great - please let me know how you get on - I am keen to hear if it works for others too. It makes sense when you read about the benefits of these poses.

    I am not very good at the poses - but it does not seem to matter - even a few minutes holding the pose has made a big difference to my week. Looking forward to hearing how you get on x

  • Sounds Cool Shazmonty! How do you do these poses? I would like to try.

    E xx

  • It's ok. I have just checked them out xx

  • That s good - there is lots of info on the internet about yoga poses , just type in the pose name. If you are just starting you can do the shoulder stand up against a wall with you bum against the skirting on the bottom of your wall, then swing your legs up against the wall, keep your knees bent while they are up on the wall, if you like- but I am not a yoga teacher - so check out the internet too.x

  • take care to protect your lower back when doing these poses. When going into Plough and the legs are parallel with the ground - clench the buttocks and hold in the belly button and pull up the perineum to secure the core. Try to hold the knees and ankles close together and stretch/point out the toes. When going up into Shoulder Stand - again clench the buttocks and support the lower back with your hands on the waist. Pushing the pelvis/pubic bone towards you will help to achieve straighter legs.

    You will feel the pressure on the throat area as blood rushes to the head - giving much needed oxygen. Do these asanas slowly and mindfully - it is the Journey that is important and NOT the Destination.....ENJOY

    I take 4 yoga classes a week here in Crete .....and we all feel so much better afterwards. Stretched muscles are far more healthy that tight ones....and freedom of movement keeps you looking much younger too.....Massaging of internal organs frees up toxins, aids digestion and masses of other benefits....too numerous to mention.

    Good post - sorry I rambled - I just get excited about yoga !!

  • Hi Marz - thanks for your input - thats great and really helpful. Keep getting excited too x :)

  • Tried it last night and will keep going to see if it works. The dog tried to sit on my head and I nearly suffocated (large chest) but feel okay today. Must adit my lower back did hurt but I haven't done anything like this for 30 years, 50 this year so feeling my age!

  • Thats great TraceyLE i hope it helps. i know it feels really uncomfortable and strange to do these things but persevere and read about the poses - you can even see demos on Youtube if you want to get the pose better over time. Not quite sure what do about the large chest problem though....:) lol x

    I hope you feel the benefit even after a few times

  • I do those poses to get rid of migraine. Think I will try them daily now. Anything to feel top of the world again

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