Did I overdo things

Hi all this week has been a good week for me I'm not fully right yet but could definately feel an improvement. Energy levels had started to increase but I had to work late wed thurs and Friday till after 9 p.m I start work at 9 a.m. Today I am totally wiped out just want to ask have I overdone it and by resting today will I get my energy back. Thanks everyone.

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Good to hear you've been feeling better but it does sound like you over did it. You have to pace yourself and protect yourself until you are fully recovered and even then be careful not to overdo things.

Thanks clutter I was really starting to feel more energetic but today I'm shattered had scan done on my tummy all came back ok so I'm hoping the bladder problem will go soon. Can't believe how tired I am today it's so easy to drop back down. I work as a school secretary and we had all the new pupils and their parents over three evenings I had no choice but to work paying for it today. Do you think I'll be a bit better tomorrow

I don't know, Maud. Whenever I've overdone it in the past couple of months it has set me back for several days. Try taking it easy today and tomorrow and hopefully you'll feel less fatigued.

Will do and thanks for all your help

I glad to hear you are feeling a bit better. I find even though I would say I was well, I tend to get quite a lot of rest. I can do the odd late night or early morning but both together aren't good for me. I've been getting up at 6.00 to leave for work at 7.00 every day for the last couple of months and I am finding now that I am really tired by 8.00pm - I can't decide if it is my thyroid or just plain old age. I have been taking a lot of relaxing baths and going to bed as early as I can decently get away with. I don't always go to sleep then but I read and just relax.

Hopefully if you can catch up over the weekend you will feel better, just think - it won't be too long until the holidays - just try and pace yourself until then although I'm sure the end of term is one of your busiest times.

Oh end of term is mad I'm dreading the next 6 weeks but I've decided when I finish work each evening I'm not going to do anything but relax it's the only way I'm going to get through this. I'll rest up tomorrow and hopefully mon there will be some improvement. Was so glad this week to finally have some energy just May pace myself thanks for all your support without this site I'd be lost. I'm going to endo appointment Friday fingers crossed I'll get on well but I'm not looking forward to it as he's not a very nice man. Find him very arrogant but I'm prepared for him this time because since finding this site I've learned so much I'm not ignorant about my thyroid I know now I have hashimotos and I'm not getting fobbed off by him anymore. Wish me luck I'll let you all know how it went

I think that's the best thing you can do. I used to teach primary - only 150 children though - small compared to your school.

Years ago I had a very snotty student teacher who thought she didn't have to speak to the dinner ladies, caretaker, secretary etc so I have her a lecture about how you really have to value the school secretary and the caretaker because if a teacher is off they can be replaced very easily teachers are ten a penny but the secretary and caretaker - especially the secretary - they are NOT easily replaced - think she got the message.

Hope you have a decent visit with your endo. It isn't nice to have to look forward to meeting someone you don't care for.

At least now you know it is him and not you. I haven't had any who were unpleasant I just used to go expecting - well I I don't know what I was expecting but out of five consultations I only came away from one feeling really good

Thanks to this site though I was able to shrug the others off. Last visit I said I didn't know why they didn't just send us a letter telling us what they wanted to do based on our TSH test results because they didn't seem to need any more than our test results to treat us and that would save everyone a lot of time.

Don't think the person I saw knew what to say. It was quite funny but basically i think she got the message - why bother to have us in and ask how we are when you have made up your mind how you are going to treat us anyway - if we are within the (enormous!) range then the answer is 'probably nothing'

That's true I'm looking toward to this visit caus I'm the educated one now and I can't wait to hear the answers. But as I said he's not a very nice man really ignorant and very arrogant. The last visit he tried to accuse me of not taking my meds but he didn't see my husband sitting behind him and my husband did not like the way he spoke to me and told him in no uncertain terms what he thought if him. He wasn't long about pulling back his sarcastic ways. One of these who don't have respect for women. I know a couple of his other patients all women who think the same that he lacks respect for women. They sometimes think their gods can't wait to put some questions to him. We have teachers like that too but like what you said they don't be long copping on how hard us secretaries and the school caretakers work.

I remember you telling us about that visit. Horrible man. I don't know why people like that go into medicine. I always felt that if my husband had gone in with me for my first visit, the endo/ registrar would have spoken to him instead of me - no proof just a feeling I got. Somehow I felt he wasn't a 'woman's man' I also saw one absolutely gorgeous man who sadly moved on but who had such amazing people skills. He will make a fantastic consultant for his new patients.

This time you can go back knowing what you have learned on here, you have heard all about other people's experiences, you are probably not quite so vulnerable and the guy knows that your husband won't take any nonsense. If he hints anything like that again just look him in the eye and say 'don't be so ridiculous, why on earth would you even think something like that!' Or ' I can't believe what you have just said!'

Hope the sun is shining wherever you are, have a good and restful day, Liz x

Yes, I think by resting you will feel much better. I think most of us an 'off' day once in a while when we feel relatively well.

Thanks shaws I couldn't get out of working late as I'm the only one in my office there's over 300 pupils in my school but only one secretary so I had no one to share the work load with. Just my luck the first time in weeks I was feeling a little better and I had to work so late

I used to work in a school as well, so know the chaos at times. You definitely need some help to share your workload.

Fat chance of that shaws with all the cutbacks our government have done I just may try pace myself roll on the holidays

The one thing all thyroid patients have to remember is that they simply cannot ever again overdo things , get stressed or burn the candle at both ends or they will crash

Because quite simply no matter how well treated they are with thyroid meds no pill can ever replace what a normal thyroid does

As Datis Kharazian said on his Thyroid summit talk hypothyroid patients have to change their lifestyle

This is so true. When you're feeling relatively well, it's easy to forget. I find my biggest enemy is getting very stressed. It's guaranteed to bring a return of my symptoms, and not easy to get better from either.

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