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Do I decrease my Levo now??

I have managed to reduce my TPO Antibodies from 700 in 2012 to 33 last week (0 - 60) through being gluten free for several months plus bone broth, iron and other supplements etc. and occasionally I feel a bit hyper - I guess I should reduce my Levo (currently 75mcg) but as I feel so well generally I am reluctant to do this?? I have noticed a few times that I feel a bit 'swimmy' and very hot (at 58 I am passed the menopause and the flushes don't feel the same anyway) - I know the general consensus seems to be a reduction is possible but I am not convinced 'cos I feel so well - has anyone else done this for this reason?? I thought I would try alternating 50 and 75 ?

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If you feel well I wouldn't lower the dose as you say you feel 'so well' and hyper 'only occasionally'.

A good way is to chart your temp and pulse :-


I was very interested in your post as I also managed to reduce my TPO levels from 120 to 75 then to 20 by going gluten and lactose free. occasionally I do overheat etc so I am wondering if eventually I will need to decrease my dose from 100 mcg leov. I'm just so pleased that my TPO is down and I am feeling a lot better since the high TPO level was recorded back in December. Without the wonderful people on this site I wouldn't have had a clue about how to reduce. I read Robb Wolf, Isabella Wentz and others.. Keep us posted how you get on.


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