does anyone suffer with internal tremors when they relax?

I was diagnosed 7 years ago with hyperthyroidism, I had the radio iodine and now on 100 mg of Levothyroxine. I have been relatively well up until the last year when I had a lot of stress. I now have joint pain, neck and head pain and also these tremors. the tremors are internal and most of the time. I would be grateful for any info on how to get rid of them. I have not posted on a site before but look at all your posts which seems to bring support to a lot of people. thanks

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  • Hi suebo

    I haven't but quite a few have posted about tremors. This is a link and I hope one or two may be helpful.

  • thank you, it is quite reassuring to know you are not going mad or there is something more sinister going on.

  • I had TT 8 years ago and with regard to internal tremors, I am still the same as when I was hyper. I can feel blood pulsing through my head when I am lying quietly and when I lean on my hands I can feel my arm trembling. I think I am just stuck with it.

    Your aches and pains sound as though you may need a change of dose upwards. Do you have any recent thyroid results with reference ranges? If so post here and people can comment.

  • I have internal tremors. I feel them at night as I fall asleep. I hate it.

  • they are really strange and worrying but the doctors seem to think there is nothing to worry about. i was told brazil nuts help, worth a try good luck.

  • Hi, yes I get these and the pains too. Like people have said I can hear the blood pumping in my head. TT 2 and 1/2 years ago. Hope we can find something to stop this. Keep well. X

  • Thank goodness I am not alone. I was put on 50mg Levothyroxine in December, my T4 level was normal but had a just above normal TSH result. Wasn't on anything previous. In Jan I had a heart attack, I have low cholesterol, low blood pressure, my angiogram showed pristine arteries, my echocardiogram showed good pumping action. I am a mystery to the doctors. But still they put me on clopidogrel and aspirin. I have taken myself off the statins as I am exercising much more and I only eat healthy food, I have become a total health freak!! But I am very anxious and I get like an internal vibration every so often, and I also get hand tremors. Then I start to get worried. Its difficult as I am waiting an MRI for the heart, it could be side effects of the drug, could be the heart or thyroid. But if my weird pains and tremors are due to thyroid then I will not worry so much. Started another tremor, then I go and do something or eat something. I was thinking it could be due to an insulin spike or something like that as I had a yoghurt an hour ago. Its such a pain this thyroid thing, I didn't know about it until it happens to you, but now I find a lot of my friends have it. I think one of the worst problems is the psychology of it, just feeling rough and having varying symptoms is a worry. I am trying to increase my thyroid by means of diet and exercise. As I am on 25mg daily I feel I can't complain. Good luck to everyone, hope you all feel better soon. x

  • I totally agree, a few months ago I ended up in A and E thinking I was having a heart attack the doctor said I had had a panic attack. I have to say I did not agree with this but at least it was not a heart attack. I feel like a fraud when I go to the doctor as he keeps saying it is stress. the tremors are worrying as they are every night, I have taken to turning over and going to sleep. all my tests come back normal and my heart is fine. I am also trying a healthy lifestyle and diet which does help. was told brazil nuts are good for helping with the tremors i hope you feel better soon too

  • My friends have had the same, ended up in AandE thinking they were having a heart attack but it was linked to thyroid. But at least you went and it probably wasn't a panic attack. I have a link on my pc to how to stop a panic attack in a few seconds. Just knowing its there helps. I have also downloaded some hypnosis sessions on sleep, stress, anxiety and if I wake up in the night or can't get to sleep I put them on my tablet beside me and within a few minutes I am off in dreamland. I also have half a banana by me as I think that sometimes we need a little something during the night. I do try and have some chicken or protein as told it stops the insulin spike during the night. I also do a fast 15 mins walk down the road before I go to bed, I find that settles all hormones down, makes me feel better psychologically and is calming. I try and get things right and then stick to it. I have eggs and orange juice for breakfast, heard that was food for the thyroid and use honey to sweeten. I also have a very weak green and black tea before lights out. I have anxious days especially if been to the doctors then I get worried. Tried turmeric today for the first time, heard its good for stress. Eat on a regular basis and I have an apple in the car at all times. Bought some brazil nuts yesterday, will have a few now, thanks for that. Good to talk to people in the same boat! x

  • Follow on to yesterday. Met my friend who said orange juice for breakfast would give me a sugar rush. I had been having tremors and shakes and feeling lousy and anxious. So left off the orange juice today, and wow, no shakes today whatsoever, all gone, not even a wobble. It really shows that a lot of this stuff is caused not only by what we eat but when we eat it. I am now keeping a diet diary, started today and noting everything down, even when I had a cuppa and a brazil nut and when took meds. And what symptoms I had. I have felt the best today that I have for a long time. Did wake up in the middle of the night last night and had a third of a banana, a drink of water and went back to sleep again, noted my heart was beating a bit faster, said to myself it was an insulin spike and didn't start worrying. Thanks for the brazil nut tip, I have one every few hours and keep a few by my bed. Hope you feel okay x

  • thank you that is a good tip I have constipation problems as well!! and usually have a glass of orange juice for breakfast along with my all bran which really works, so I might try cutting out the orange juice. I also had some natural yoghurt last night and no tremors don't know if it is related but a food diary sounds like a really good idea will start today thanks keep well.

  • Well its been amazing. Not one tremor or vibration since I have cut out the fruit smoothies and orange juice. I have really cut down on the fruit sugar, and its all stopped completely. Feel a lot better. I think its all linked and we have to be aware of anything sweet. I had been having what I thought was healthy fruit juice when I went out but that wasn't helping. I had a small red wine the other day with lots of water and I was ok. I have stevia in my tea and not sugar. I also saw the psychologist today and he has so helped me. I have been breathing with my chest and not my stomach which creates stress. I have been practising all day and feel a lot calmer. I think its up to us to keep a food diary etc and symptoms and work things out ourselves. Can't rely on pill pushers, they push the pills and wait till the next test. The brazil nut helped as well. Rather than smoothies its better to eat the fruit. Let me know how you get on. Lots of good info on the US websites. x

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