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Multi nodular goitre. 1st endo apt soon. What should I expect??

Hi I had a CT scan for unrelated reasons and they found a large multi nodular goitre on the left side of my thyroid which is pressing on my airway. I would never have known it was there if it wasn't for the scan as I have no symptoms. I had a thyroid function test which was normal. Got my first endo apt soon. Just wondering what action they will take? Or if anybody has been in similar situation? Thanks in advance

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Don't you have difficulty breathing and swallowing?

If the goiter isn't bothering you the endo may recommend watch and wait or Levothyroxine to see if it reduces the size of the goiter.

Multi-nodule goiters are rarely cancerous so that is one thing you don't need to worry about.

It's a good idea to get printouts of your blood tests with lab ref ranges as normal can fall into a broad range and its good to know and monitor exact results.


I imagine you feel scared, not sure what your symptoms are. I was initially told would have half thryoid out (nodular like yours) instead went for fine needle aspiration (was absolutely fine to have) no cancer found by blood results suggested hyperthyroid...... went on 40mg of carb, elected not to do block and replace, instead had monthly blood tests, now on 5mg every other day, bloods stable, feel well and hope to be off medication in August. Told I have 40 per cent chance of being fine without.... have taken on change of diet and lifestyle so hoping I remain well..... keep yourself as calm as possible, I had acupuncture for a year and still have monthly massage, they really helped. x


I had a multinodular goitre. Like you, I had no symptoms, except I found the largest lump myself, when feeling my neck and a scan showed several nodules on both sides of my thyroid. The consultant who did the fna on the largest one assured me it was highly unlikely to be 'suspicious' and not to worry (my TSH was fine) but there did prove to be cause for concern when the results were back - neoplasm was mentioned, which is an abnormal mass of tissue and can either be cancerous or benign. I had a hemithyroidectomy and thankfully, no cancer. My excellent consultant was optimistic my remaining thyroid would kick in and I wouldn't need replacement thyroxin but tests over a period of time after my op showed my TSH going up and I do take 50mcg of Levothroid a day which brought the TSH back down to around 1.2. My operation was 18 months ago and I feel good. I am keeping an eye on my TSH and plan to have blood tests as recommended by Clutter and others here as my last TSH test showed a climb but still within range. Good luck, it is a worry at the start of the 'journey'. Hopefully you will come through it with a similar or even better outcome than my own :)


I had multi nodal goitre diagnosed in very similar circumstances - no symptoms but found on CT scan for chest problems. Tests ok for thyroid but had three lots of inconclusive needle aspiration over 18 months and eventually referred to surgeon for hemithyroidectomy which was a couple of weeks ago. All ok so far and the op much less nasty than I expected. See how it goes over the next few months. Don't worry for the time being, consultant will probably want to do plenty of tests before making any decisions.


I felt my goiter arrive - a sharp pain under my right ear and then a rush of fluid. Went to GP and he ordered a full blood test and sent me for an ultrasound. The multi nodular goiter was found when I had this procedure. I was then sent to an ENT consultant and had a camera down my throat and he told me the nodules were not cancerous. i was then sent to an Endo who carried out a full examination. He told me as my TSH was normal my thyroid was functioning and I would be monitored 6 monthly to ensure this continues. He could not give me any idea if the goiter would grow or not. He did tell me if it interfered with my breathing or became cosmetically difficult, then I could opt for surgery. my peroxidase level is of the scale and according to everything I have read a goiter with high antibodies = hashimotos. Without a high antibody level it is apparently called Euthyroid Thyroiditis. If you have a copy of your blood test results then check your antibodies and then ask the Endo for a diagnosis as this will inform you for researching your condition.

I have been monitored now for just over two years and my TSH has been stable. I feel absolutely fine and although my goiter has grown a little it is not causing any difficulties. I am conscious of its existence although others are not.

There are arguments that the thyroid should be supported by thyroxine. Others suggest that no action should be taken until the thyroid starts suffering and this is reflected in the blood test. My TSH has not changed in the two years. My reading suggests if after initial testing which proves the nodules are OK that there is no fear of cancer for many years. I read on the EU Endo site that the average time for multi nodules to turn cancerous is some 17 years.

I do not want to take medication so am very happy with how I being monitored. I do take supplements - multi vitamin, B!2,and Selinium. These have been advised by users of this site. In the past two years, I have had lots of other things tested also recommended on this site. T3, T4, Iron B12 etc etc. All have been within range.

I do hope this helps.


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