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Chronic burning itchy rash, cold sore, and heptic whitlow, all at once, on 50mg levo at moment, high blood presure (still) + very fast pulse

Im off to see endo again tomorrow..last week the above developed levo was upped from 25 to 50mg 6 weeks ago, I have posted my results preiously on here, was told they would trial me on levo as I had all the signs of an underactive, but the normal response was "You are within "normal" (god I hate that word) range!..labs have refused to do T3 and antibodies test as my T4 was 13.6 and TSH has dropped to 1.00 was 2.60..B 12 275 (range 200-900) and vit d 50 (75-200)..started to feel very tired again last week, barely got off the bed on Monday, although rash is fading it was like I had been thrown into a bed of stinging nettles with itching powder thrown over question is would this all be related to thyroid?..I have a goitre (scanned and found to be ok) and a red mark constantly over my thyroid area which has never gone away since i felt ill the past 6 months. I have asked to be reffered to Guys hospital as I live in Rochester and everyone it seems is useless down here, my blood pressure was taken today and is sky high which it has been since i felt unwell, she feels it is not a blood pressure issue rather to do with thyroid and perhaps an auto immune problem?..where do I go go from here, would like to try T3 but how can I when the labs wont do the test?..this constant battle with new health issues constantly developing is just frightening, depressing and stressful...your advice is much needed please...don't know what i would do without this site..thank you for listening x

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Sorry you didn't receive a response. I will endeavour to answer your questions.

Your B12 is far too low to be healthy. It is best above 500. You may find you benefit from taking a B12 supplement (I take a sublingual methylcobalamin for easy absorption) along with a B vitamin complex.

Your vitamin D is also too low. Were you given a supplement by your doctor? As you are deficient you would likely benefit from a vitamin D supplement too. You will need at least 1000iu daily and probably more to start with. Sunshine is a good way to top up your vitamin D level but, alas, we don't really get enough of that here.

You may find you actually need more thyroxine as your TSH can afford to come down a bit more. Most people feel well on thyroxine when their T4 is at the top of the range.

Your body won't be able to use the thyroxine effectively if your iron and ferritin are too low. These need to be nearer the middle of the range rather than the low end. The low end of these ranges is rather too low, in my opinion, but I'm no expert. Also if your cortisol is low (would possibly explain why you keep getting rashes etc) T4 isn't used by the body very well and can actually make you feel worse. Unfortunately T3 would also be an issue with low cortisol and you may feel worse on T3. This is why it is important to get cortisol tested.

I hope you find someone who can help you so you can feel well again.

Take care

Carolyn x


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