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Thanks to everyone!!


This time my GP heard me. After 9 years of trying he is at last sending me to an endo because he admitted he doesnt know enough. I'm not wearing any rose coloured glasses - I know the endo might be useless (most of them are) but it has to be the next step. Maybe now I get antibodies tested..perhaps even a chance of T3/T4 meds. I couldnt have got this far without the wonderful support on here :)

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Is absolutely shocking it's taken your GP 9 years to realise he doesn't know enough to consider referring you to an endocrinologist and these people get paid! If GP's like that got paid on results they'd be out of a job.

Hopefully you can now get the proper treatment you require, good luck with the Endo. Let us know how you get on.

jezebel69 in reply to Gsp177

Thankyou - it took a new doctor (trainee in fact) to be honest at last. He actually said 'I want you to be well' and no doctor has ever said that before

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