Melatonin - seems like a miracle cure, but is it?

I've got shot adrenals glands, low cortisol all day, and when I'm in a crash, as I am at the moment, I sleep terribly. I've had some melatonin for ages, and tried about 1mg the other night. I slept like a baby and felt great the next day, no fatigue or aches and pains.

I didn't take it last night and had a restless/non restorative night and the fatigue is back today.

Generally I've given any sleep aids a wide berth. When everything is functioning fine I sleep fine, it's only during crashes that there's an issue. I can't work out if I'm potentially creating a problem by continuing to use the melatonin or actually giving my body the rest it needs to recover. Any thoughts?

L x

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  • I'd research the pros and cons of taking melatonin long term and base your decision on the outcome. Sleeping pills aren't recommended for long term use but can be beneficial for a few nights or during crises. I imagine use an benefits of Melatonin could be similar.

  • I have this problem as well. I was reading a bit on the importance of re-establishing normal sleep rhthym in Dr Sarah Myhills new book and she has some v. useful info including sleep aids........hope this helps.

  • Try cutting the tablets in half. If taking melatonin worries you then you should find the minimum amount necessary to do the job you need it to do. I bought 3mg tablets for myself and found I only needed 1/4 of a pill to get me off to sleep. I only take it (at most) for three or four nights on the trot, then I give it a miss for a week or two. With the dosages I take, and my dosing pattern, I have had no problems with tolerance developing. And when I don't take the melatonin I don't suffer from rebound insomnia either.

  • I've got 3mg tablets too, and I'd say I took a third of one, but a quarter might do the job. I don't want to take it every night, but it made me feel soooo much better, it's very tempting! I really of want to avoid disrupting my natural sleep pattern though because as I say, I generally sleep fine if my adrenals are ok. I'll give it a miss for a few days until I'm desperate!

  • Just to put your mind at rest my son is 13 and has taken 2mg melatonin for the past few years due to sleep problems associated with CFS. He discontinued it a month ago as his condition has improved and he now sleeps very well without it. He never had any kind of withdrawal problems whatsoever. His paediatrician told us that melatonin is a natural hormone made by the body anyway. He also said that he could take up to 6mg.

  • Can i buy melatonin without prescription

  • Not in the UK.

    It is an over-the-counter "supplement" in some countries.

    Please read up thoroughly. Some people find that "less is more" and a small dose works better for them. Be careful.


  • Interesting question, thanks for posting!

  • Hello Loalois,

    I have poorly adrenals too and used to use Melatonin to help me sleep, to start with it worked really well but then it appeared to do nothing for me.

    What I do now is about an hour before bed, I put some pure Lavender Oil in my electric oil burner (helps to promote sleep and calms the nerves) I do some gentle yoga, making sure I include the bow (which gently massages the adrenals) and once I have done that I take 1 tablet of Taurine - and I get more restful sleep. I have been doing that for a few weeks and it has worked every time.

    Best wishes


  • That's interesting, thanks. I tried magnesium last night. I used the oil hurst you put on your skin, but you'd have to cover yourself to get a decent dose! I hadn't heard about taurine, very interesting, I'll look into it. I do take 5htp every evening, but that doesn't do a lot sleep wise so far as I can tell.

  • The one that was recommended to me was Jarrow's Formula - It is also an antioxident, so good for the immune system. I have only been using the taurine for two weeks but so far so good.

    Best wishes


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