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Is there anyone or there who suffers from extreme muscle twitching?


Over the past couple of weeks my flatmate has been getting a muscle twitch literally every few minutes, to the extent people in public notice because her while body jerks. She has low calcium and B12 (although she's waiting for her endo to confirm how bad these are) but has 'normal' thyroid results, even though he's not done T3, RT3 or conversion tests.

I read the twitching could be caused by low calcium as well as anxiety but just wondered if anyone else had experienced this and what the possible causes and cures could be?!

Many thanks! X

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Hi Charlie, i also have low calcium along with muscle twitching. I have been prescribed calchichew supplements with added vit d which helps aid absorption. Calcium indeed Can cause twitching. Hopefully your friend has been prescribed supplements. She could try adding some magnesium citrate tabs which i have done it really helps. Is her doc doing tests to check the paratyroid glands. I am feeling much better, not as much twitching now. The cause of my deficiency is dietary as i am sensitive to dairy products. I am also low in b12 and have just started taking sublingual b12 tabs fron Amazon. A deficiency in this can also cause a wide array of symptoms. Hooe your friend feels well soon. Xx

Try a good magnesium right away. Most people do not get enough or absorb it well enough.

Thanks both for your replies. You'd think she would have been prescribed supplements but no, the Harley St Endo hasn't even got in touch with her since her results to properly go through them! I think he's a typical arrogant surgeon - if he had any idea how much she's suffering! Makes me mad! (Sorry!).

She has had her parathyroid tested as her Mum had it, but apparently the result was negative. She has all the symptoms so who knows - I do think he's retesting it however which is something.

I forgot she also has low vitamin D which she's taking supplements for but I'll tell her what you've both said, thank you x


If she has low B12 the treatment is B12 injections, and depending on the cause of the deficiency these are usually for life. This is a serious condition that you can't just throw a few supplements at.

There is lots of good information on this link:

And these are the new UK guidelines:

She needs to get copies of all her results so far, it is important to know folate and ferritin levels as well.

They should be testing anti-intrinsic factor antibodies, and then treating her as per the BNF section 9.1.2. Muscle twitches and body jerks are neuro symptoms therefore treatment is injections on alternate days until no further improvement in symptoms, followed by 2 monthly maintenance for life.

You can test negative for the antibodies and still have PA, this is being called antibody negative PA in the new guidelines. Algorithm 1 on page 29 is very useful. Clinical response to treatment is more important than test results.

There are some excellent documentaries in the films section under the first link above, which might give your flatmate some idea of how important it is to get the correct treatment.

H x

I had terrible muscle twitching and whole body jerking when my calcium and vit D levels were low. This has improved greatly with Addcal and extra vitamin D.

My muscles twitched so much in my legs that the cat would get freaked out and jump off my lap.

I have been on prescribed vitamin D3 as I was severely deficient, but the twitching is still ongoing, albeit not always as bad as before, but it affects my arm muscles and upper legs now. I was recently prescribed iron too (as I don't have any of that either <sigh> ), and read that low iron can cause twitching, so I am hoping this will sort it. My B12 is low but in range, so I need to self-medicate to get those levels up - and I know that low B12 can make you twitch. I need to stop googling!

Hopefully, your flatmate will get some answers from her doctor.

Hi, I have a slight b12 deficiency and right now my muscles are twitching now and again so perhaps the low b12 is contributing? This can cause neurological symptoms which means that twitchind, pins and needles and other similar things can happen. If she has both low calcium and b12 its likely she'll be tested for Coelic disease so it could not be to do with the thyroid but its always best to have more tests done to confirm it. Hope this helps a bit :)

Did she find out what was causing the twitching

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