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Doctor didn't check my Adrenals before giving me Levothyroxine

Hi - I've been reading a lot lately (on Thyroid UK) about the need to check Adrenal glands before starting levothyroxine. The problem is that my doctor didn't do that - I started levothyroxine about two years ago.

About a year ago I had my cortisol levels checked and they were too high in the morning and dipped very low after lunch which co-incidentally is when I crash and sometimes need to go back to bed.

Does anyone know what if anything I could/should be doing to fix my adrenal glands and has starting the levothyroxine before fixing them caused lasting problems.

Thanks in advance.

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GPs rarely test adrenals when they prescribe Levothyroxine. Manufacturers advise that they should when someone has been undiagnosed for a long time to avoid precipitating an adrenal crisis due to LOW cortisol. If Levothyroxine had affected your adrenals it would have done so within a couple of months of starting Levothyroxine I think.

I would retest cortisol as you last checked it a year ago in case something has changed.


Thank you Clutter for replying. It's amazing that you're always on hand to answer all the questions day or night!!!

I do have LOW cortisol in the afternoon (and I certainly feel it) but you're right I need to check the levels again.

Just wondering if anyone knows how to repair the adrenals?

Thanks again.

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You HAD low cortisol in the afternoon a year ago. It may have changed for better or worse which is why you need update results before deciding on action.


There are great internet advisors. I like Dr. Bergman but also Axe, Kessler.


Thanks so much Heloise! I will have a look.


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