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Had completion, don't have to have RAI what to expect next?


I have had my competition thyroidectomy for Papilliary Thyroid cancer. In the end I had one 2.5cm encapsulated tumour on one side and a 2mm micro-cancer on the other. My consultant is not concerned by the 2mm cancer and says I wont have to have RAI.

I am on 150mcg of Levo and doing well on it so far..

I'm wonderign what the typical follow up procedures will look like. Do they do the I123 whole body scans over here? They seem to mention them a lot on the American Inspire ThyCa site. Or is it more likely it will just be ultra sound scans on my neck and a feel of my nodes?

I know there will also be Thyroglobulin checks - how often do they do those typically and will I probably have stimulated and unstimulated tests for Tg and need to go on LID diet occasionally?

Any clarification appreciated as my head i still spinning a bit from all the info I've been taking in from the internet ;-)



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Bumping for any info :)


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