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I have low ferritn, iron and folate acid readings - I have been prescirbed "Ferrous Fumarate

322mg tabs" * The make is Fersaday.. I have major problem taking these - I get terrible constipation. I really need to take an alternative medicine but not sure which? I have checked on some websites and I havent found one that has the same elemental iron (what ever that means?). * I suffer from under-active thyroid and I need to get these levels higher.

Can anybody help? Ollybear

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I don't know about other Iron preparations but I have also always had constiapation and find laxido very helpful which I take every day with the iron and vit C. A more natural constipation remedy is linuset gold or golden linseed. A couple of tablespoons soaked in water over night and mixed with cereal or drank in the morning will help most people.


If you take each iron pill with 1000mg of vitamin C it does two things :

1) Vitamin C increases absorption of the iron.

2) Vitamin C loosens stools in high doses, so it helps to combat the constipation.


Terra Nova's 'Easy Iron Complex' is natural, non-constipating, better absorbed than the iron you get on the Nhs, and without all those crappy fillers and binders that are in so many prescriptions and supplements. I take it with Vit B complex and 1000 mg Vit C.


Some people find that heme iron is a good approach. For example:



I have low ferritin level only 6 I take pherers sulfate and a fiber gel to combat the constipation.


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