The best article that I have read about EVIL statins.

If a person is taking statins, they truly need to read this article, even FAMILIAL Hypercholesterolemia, which is genetic, is not helped at all, in fact made worse!!

Everyone will dump their statins.

I have gleaned from this, that we are killing each cell, either slowly or quickly, depending on the cell.

We may as well just ingest ARSENIC!!!! and get it over quickly!!

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Excellent! Those [often medics] with inadequate knowledge of dietary needs [look to #oneeggaweek, #lowfat, #nosatfat, #stockuponcarbs... etc, etc], often won't accept anything other than their own 'party line'. Anyone who differs is seen as a foolish or a 'bit weird'.

Big Pharma's 'Box of Smarties' comes via a 'Boy's Club', ensuring that more patients follow - throughout families - to ensure coffers are kept replenished. "Just say NO"! ;-)

I found statins (pre diagnosis) triggered intense and dangerous depression.

I've just been reading how unfiltered coffee can raise cholesterol (as well as hypo, of course) and since I've drunk large quantities for years to keep going against hypo tiredness I'm now off to get filters.

That sounds like a small easy thing to change!

And I bet lots of hypoTs also mainline caffeine (well away from their Levo).

I self-medicate with t3, 50mcg daily in 4 doses, my free t3, was only 3.7, range is 4-8.3, according to Thyroid uk, but the endos won't prescribe it here in Newcastle no matter what, I feel much more normal now.

I take my 125mcg T4 at night, so nothing to disturb it, and my coffee in the morning, together with my 1 tbs Kerrygold butter, some say yeuck, I say lovely!!

Just a thought, ldl or low density lipoprotein, and hdl high density lipoprotein are not cholesterol, most people make that mistake. It's all in the above article, I also fell into the same trap.

Cholesterol is a waxy substance made in the liver, and sometimes in foods. Cholesterol is carried in the blood via the the HDL and the LDLs, but as I have said the latter are not cholesterol in themsleves. Most people think that they are cholesterol.

Seems that a substance called Cafestol, can raise the cholesterol levels, and filtering stops that, so seems a good idea to get filters, to remove the oils.

Recently I saw a young female GP as my hands had swollen. She looked at some recent blood results and told me it was my "high cholesterol" and gave me "some pills" to "help with my blood". I duly gave in the prescription and looked them up when I got home to find they were statins. My cholesterol levels were 5.6 (good for a Hashi) and she would have doomed me to aching joints for the rest of my life! I went back, saw a different GP who would not say they should not have been given, but just said "they are a useful drug". I replied "so is Morphine". He allowed himself a small smile.

I read somewhere some research had shown statins increase life length by, on average, 3 days.

Got to say, I don't think that can can be true, but regardless of that, what kind of life!!

Ha ha ;-) Grand retort serenfach. Clearly many docs do not fully grasp what some drugs can do... a young GP recently suggested writing a prescription [my #s are fine!], to which I handed him a document explicitly stating why not to take statins; pretty much NO ONE should. Let us reclaim those three words from the commercial for children on anti-drugs... "Just say NO" ;-) x

Look up Dr. Malcolm Kendrick as well if you don't already know of him. He has plenty to say about cholesterol and statins.

Thanks for posting.

Yes a new swimming pool would be good lol, fancy it actually only lengthens your life by a day per year, that you survive, but in fact probably suffer loads with the side effects in the mean time, what a total JOKE!!

Oh I just love the guy, very funny and brilliant reading. We really are stuffed, best to be our own medical advocate. We probably know more than them, at least we care what we are doing, and they just willy nilly prescribe DEATH, or keep the patient as ill as possible, so the pharmaceutical companies can make even more money!!

We should rename Doctors, Ostriches, actually that's a myth, they wouldn't be able to breath, but it's a good saying, nevertheless. Even if they do have their own brains, they're not allowed to use them, NHS guidlines!! Tow the line, or you're barred!!!

Oh he certainly does... "Hoots mon", another wonderful Scot prepared to stand up against mediocrity!

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