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Painful throat glands anyone?

Since Christmas I keep getting a painful throat on the left side (it's not a sore throat that you get with a cold), but it can hurt to swallow. It usually lasts 3-5 days and then subsides. I've got it again now. Not been to the doc yet as it's not too bad at the moment, but keeps happening. I guess it's some sort of gland pain - anyone else get this? Not on any prescribed medication for thyroid but have a few symptoms.

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Artemis, it might be that your thyroid is inflamed. Arrange a non-urgent GP appointment so the GP can feel your glands. If it is thyroid dysfunction is suspected a blood draw will be done to test thyroid functiion.

Make sure to request a printout of blood tests with laboratory ref ranges as it's good to know specifically what your results are rather than the blanket normal GPs call anything in the range.


I get this all the time, especially if I'm stressed, it last for several days, goes for a couple of days then back again. It's been happening for a year or so now and it drives me insane lol I also seem to get a slight temperature with it and it's worse during the evening and first thing in the morning


As well as TSH I would be asking for antibody tests!


Thanx for replies. Funnily enough it's on the same side as my thyroid (Idon't have any thryoid on right side due to thyroidectomy). My last NHS test was TSH 2.85. I did a private one through Myrios in March this year when it was 5.04 (high). I'm trying to avoid the doctor at the moment as she always says everything's normal.

I suppose I am quite stressed at the moment, but my temperature isn't high, so don't think it's an infection.

When it's really bad, it does make swallowing painfil.


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