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I have an elevated red blood cell count. Recently have fatigue, weakness, burning hands, strong headaches. Got my results, ok thyroid

Can anyone help explain??

My doctor can't see me for a week and I am really confused (and a bit anxious).

I am a 31-year old woman, no smoking, live at sea level, healthy weight, healthy diet and exercise.. but I have elevated red blood cells! (My TSH came out as 3.2 which is about my usual reading. (The range reference "rr" is 0.27-4.2) mU/L.)



WBC (Abnormal) - 3.8 (reference range 4.0-10.0) giga/L

RBC (Abnormal) - 5.07 (reference range 3.80-4.80) tera/L

Hemoglobin - 144 -(rr 120-150) g/L

Hematocrit - 0.42 - (rr 0.35-0.43)

MCV - 84 - (rr 82-98) fl

MCH - 28.4 (rr 27.5-33.5) pg

MCHC - 340 (rr 305-365) g/L

RDW - 13.9 (rr 11.5-14.5) %

Platelet Count (Abnormal) - 145 (reference range 150-400) giga/L

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Hi, your abnormal results are only just above and below range so please don't be frightened. It's likely a little local inflammation &/or infection somewhere in your body and may even be caused by stresses from your elevated TSH which indicates under medication.

What medication are you taking and how long have you been taking it?


Thanks for your help with this! I think it was the elevated RBC count, as my dad had that too. He died of a blood clot (and had surgery for other clots) so it is a bit scary.

I am on Synthroid 0.088, I've been on that since August 2013, and before that I was on the Synthroid 0.075 for 18 months.

Do you think a solution might be increasing my synthroid?


Yes, I think you might be under medicated. 25mcg increase could help bring down your TSH and resolve some of your symptoms. Most people feel comfortable with TSH just above or just below 1. You should have a follow up TFT 6/8 weeks later in case a further increase is required.

Ask for your ferritin, vitaminD, B12 and folate to be tested as these need to be high in range else symptoms similar to hypo symptoms can be experienced.

Mention your father's illness to your GP in relation to your RBC and s/he'll either reassure you or investigate further.


Thanks, this is really helpful. I will ask her about my other levels. I really hope raising my TSH could improve my symptoms!


A raised tsh means underactive so you raise your meds to bring your tsh down.


I'm not sure but maybe your results could be compared here.

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