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T3 high on 3x20mcg after Total Thyroidectomy (follicular cancer)

I had a total thyroidectomy 18 months ago, I have had a radioactive iodine treatment just over 12 months ago, last January the oncoligist noticed my T3 was high, I take 20mcg 3 times daily, that is all I take, no T4(levothyoxine) my surgeon has allowed me to stay on T3 because I have felt better on it, (I always felt dreadful on T4, dont think I could convert it efficiently). So at my last appointment (April 30th) I was told to reduce down to 2 x 20mcg, T3. I have felt a bit shakey on the 3 doses, but went down to 2 and felt exhausted. Surgeon says I have to keep TSH minimised to prevent cancer cells regrowing. Can anyone suggest help please? sally

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Sorry to hear about your TT. Would it be possible to half one of the tablets and try two and half if neither three nor two work for you?


Thank you Hypnoteq - I will try that the pills are very small but worth a try. will let you know if it works thanks again for your quick suggestion. x


Thank you Sandy yes that may be the case normally take morning tablet at about 07:30 blood test was about 10:30 so maybe next time I wont take a tablet before going to hospital. I have also read some info on here about chewing the tablet to get better absorption so hoping that may help a bit. will post after next results. thanks again for helping.xx


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