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Hi had bloods done 6 weeks ago TSH was 0.11 and on 125 mcg levothyroxine daily.Felt ill Very shaky,hot ,red cheeks,achy.

Reduced thyroxine

to 112.5 mcg.

Bloods done yesterday ,TSH 0.06 MCG, FREE THYROXINE 19, T3 5.2 .Feel ill shaky,hot and achy.

Can anyone tell me why has tsh gone lower when I reduced my thyroxine and are my bloods normal or do they show I am not converting.Thanks

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Susie, lab ref ranges would be helpful, but in most ranges I have seen FT4 of 19 and FT3 5.2 would be regarded as good and indicate that you are converting.

I don't know why your TSH has dropped when you reduced Levo. Do you have Hashimoto's? Your symptoms sound as if you have swung into a hyper phase. I'd be inclined to reduce your Levo again to 100mcg and see if that helps. I think you're self medicating?

If the symptoms don't resolve you might consider menopause. In any case, don't ignore the possibility that you can have non-thyroidal illness that may need addressing.

I hope you feel better soon.


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