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I have been happily taking 4 x 30 mg Armour tablets daily for several years. Now my blood test results are saying its too high and my new

Doctor dropped me down to 3 tablets. All the old symptoms have returned and I'm feeling dreadful. Now hes insisting I go down to 2 tablets. Is there anyway I can easily explain to him that blood tests are unreliable. I don't want to offend him as I need him on my side.

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What are your blood test results? 2 x 30mg will only be 1 grain, and that's a very small dose.


Yes it is worryingly low. Don't have my results yet as the Doctor informed me my post - will get them when I next see him.


Doctors have no scientific reason for adjusting the patients' dose due only to the level of the TSH.

Go to date January 25, 2002 to read the whole question/answer and although it states T4 or levo, the adjusting either of NDT or levo has the same effect on the patient.

This is how doctors should treat patients:-

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Thank you for this Shaws - I found the 2002 Answer really helpful.


I just had a thought - usually, if you have a blood test you leave 24 hours between the dose and the test. I'm not sure how you could do this if you split your dose.

Also, get a print-out of your latest blood test results with the ranges, and post on a new question if you don't have them to hand today.


I will get a print out when I have the ammunition I need to see the Doctor again. Thanks.


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