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bloods -if anyone has a minute could they have a quick look/advise?

Nov 13

Tsh 4.15 Range 0.27 - 4.2 (previously 5.74 June 13 then 7.3 July 13 - prescribed 50mcg LEV then)

T4 14.2 " 12-22


HDL 1.8 " >1

Serum CHOL 8.4 " <5

Due docs again 12 May

Thank you x

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Looks like you need more! How do you feel?


Thank you HarryE - not great. Sore fingers, toes, wrists, legs, sinus, snoring and of course tired/lethargic. Oh and FAT!


Then yes, I think you need more. The high cholesterol is also a hypo symptom so that should drop on proper treatment. You should be aiming for a TSH of about 1 and a free t4 in the upper quarter of your reference range. If your GP doesn't agree with that plan, get a copy of the little thyroid disorders book that is sold in most pharmacies by Dr toft. That backs it up.


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