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A Big Dilemma!

I live in a very rural area in Kent and am happy with my GP with everything except Thyroid related tests/treatment and after months of trying to convert him, taking in paperwork at every visit he finally said "we (him and the partner) are not going to go down that road" !! So, I popped into my local Pharmacist, who I regularly ask "is there a local doctor dispensing T3" (as advised on here, to find out what doctors are open to T3) and this time she said "yes" and gave me two doctors names in the only other practice in the nearby village! Now what do I do? I thought, can I go and interview them to see if I want to swap over? As I have multiple medical problems I'm not the easiest of patients and I have my present GP pretty well trained, so it's easy to get what I want (except Thyroid stuff). Supposing it all goes wrong and I end up with someone I can't get on with, I'm hardly likely to be accepted back by my old GP and there is no one else!

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How would you feel about self-medicating? Your gp would know you're on t3 when you're tested, so he will know eventually if you stay with him, and he might not be happy about it.

It seems like you will either stay on his regimen or change to another gp, whose other-than-thyroid regimen might not work for you. So it's swings and roundabouts.

Do you have a local website, social group, bulletin board or similar where you might ask others how their experience has been (keeping in mind that a lot of people don't question their gp despite not feeling well on treatment)? Or you could ring the practice manager and explain your dilemma. The outcome would depend a great deal on the pm.

Or you can outsource your thyroid treatment to another doc, an endo or similar, and see if your gp would agree to let that be handled by someone else.

I'm rambling a bit, but just brainstorming. It's a tough one.

Have you posted your results here for others to have a look at? Is it possible you just need a little tweak or do you feel confident you need an overhaul?


So order t3 or ndt from the web and let your gp think all is hunky dory

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Yep, I'm thinking along those lines.


But he will know you're taking t3. If that isn't a problem you're all made up.


It is particularly difficult if you have other health issues.

Not having T3 visible in your notes is something that is fine when things are OK. But perhaps not ideal if things are less good.

I honestly do not know what I would do. Your idea of "interviewing" the other doctor(s) would be fine if they were comfortable with it. But, in some ways, your big problem would be if you wished to transfer back at some point (say the other GP is poor at the things your current GP is good at).

Is there any possibility of trying to get a referral to an endocrinologist? If you did that and struck lucky, your current GP might be more amenable to following the endo's advice to prescribe T3.



Can you ask whether there's an Endocrinologist in your area who is sympathetic to thyroid problems,who you can ask to see?Louise Warvill may have one on her list.

It was my Endo who ordered the FT4/FT3 tests for me.The results suggested the need for T3 and my first Month's prescription came from the hospital pharmacy.

Then my GP gave me a repeat prescription.Before that my GP was the same as yours.......T3 was not on his wavelength.


I have read other posts here where people have written a POLITE letter to their GP's explaining why they are unhappy and where they would like to work as a team in solving situations. You could ask for a trial of T3 and let him see the benefits himself. Just a thought....

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Hi, I live in Kent too. Do you think your Gp would give you a referral to an endocrinologist? There is one at Pembury Hospital who does prescribe T3 (though only in small doses, not T3 only). Private message me if you want to know more.


Ditto - I can recommend a great one at Pembury - I rate him very highly. PM me.


Hi Guys thanks for all your replies, I have been without a PC for a month so have been unable to communicate.


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