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I had my appointment with the endocrinologist this afternoon.

I've posted previously regarding a change of GP and the subsequent 'wrestle' over my T3 prescription - they wanted me to decrease from 85/90mcgs a day (which I've been on for about 16 years) to 70 and that was just for starters.

Well the wonderful consultant told me that he gauges dosage based upon three things:

1. How the patient feels (he must be some sort of medical maverick!)

2. The T3 reading (he said TSH and everything else was irrelevant when in T3 only

3. A physical examination to detect any signs of over replacement.

He was entirely happy with what he found and sent me off still on my 85mcgs of T3 a day, even told me I could go to 90 and see what happens.

And he'll be writing to my GP confirming that my dosage is just right.

Hooray (again!)

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Wonderful news, Fatpossum. Incredible that you had an appointment on a bank holiday too!

Please drop the name of the endo to Louise.Warvill@ThyroidUK as she collects names for the useful/avoid lists.


Beat me to it Clutter! LOL!




May have beaten you to it, Louise but I didn't get the email addy right :( More haste less speed and all that ;)


LOL! No worries! :) x


Hi Clutter

My appointment was in fact last week - I wrote the post after the appointment but for some reason I didn't upload it properly. I checked on the site today and saw that I hadn't posted it!

Can you imagine what I'd be like without 'the tablets'?! :-)


Lol! All the thyroid hormone in the world couldn't restore my little grey cells but T3 does help :-D

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Fantastic result, so pleased for you! :-D

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you must be over the moon fatpossum , the endo sounds like he was trained or learnt from dr s or dr p ....there is light at the end of that damn great tunnel for all !!! ....alan xx


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