Had 12 week scan!

And all is well. Baby seems fine, moving alot and sonographer said looked perfect as far as she could tell! Have a more detailed scan in 10 weeks.

Midwife was lovely and has seen lots of hypothyroid women safely have babies, she is chasing the endo appointment for me too. My levels are ok i think, tsh still nice and low about 0.2 and t4 around 17.

Just thought i would post a happy update! :)

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Well done, Mum-to-be. Keep well and baby will be happy too.

Thanks shaws! Have to confess im still taking the odd nutri thyroid too, as no one seems to know if theyre safe or not, although ive concluded they arent different from ndt ( except being "hormone free, of course!)

Wonderful news :) :)

thanks! Just posted the pic as my profile pic, not that im sure anyone is that interested lol...but its nice to share happy news among a community which suffers so much xx

Of course we're interested! Congratulations x

Congratulations, Gracegirl. It's lovely to hear good news and there's nothing better than hearing of a pregnancy going well. I'm just sorry that I never see what I should on baby scans. All I'm seeing is a duck!

Hahaha clutter that made me giggle!

Head on left, then body, and its waving its arms about a bit to say hello! Xx

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