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Gjsjnsjsjs! GP! Jdjakajxjsj! I quote 'Only the tsh is used as a value for determining thyroid activity' !! I was gobsmacked! After reading and researching about thyroid disease over the last four weeks before I went to see the gp in order to present with symptoms and a strong family history of thyroid issues to be told 'we no longer test for t4 as it is not a reliable marker' and then to add insult 'I think you may be mildly depressed let me prescribe some anti depressants for you after that is why you are here'. So on to plan B private blood tests to get a full picture before going any further.

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I know how you feel. I am in a battle with GP and Endo about my symptoms :-( I also got told by both I could possibly be depressed or CFS and offered antidepressants but I refused and wrote a 3 page letter to Endo! We're not depressed, we're FED UP of GP and Endo's not looking any further past a piece of paper with a number!

Keep going and keep adamant, Persist persist persist.....

What area are you in?


Read my post above. Same story over again with so many. TSH is the only thing that counts. GRRRRRR!


You have to blame BTF , BTA and RCP for this total debacle

Theres no way on this earth that TSH is any kind of useful marker since you may also have Central/2ndary Hypothyroid where the TSH will always be low or non existant due to pituarity failure and thus Free T4 and T3 are vital


I did mention to the gp that the guidelines for diagnosing thyroid disease was as a result of or a collaboration of all three uninformed associations working to the detriment of the general masses, and is there anywhere in the guidelines to use the holistic approach? He didn't like it very much. As I said too many people with hypothyroid or similar problems would drain their coffers. He didn't like that too much.


But they seem quite happy to send us on the rounds of every hospital department instead, which must costs a fortune! And the NHS have just paid me full sick pay for the past 4 months, rather than give me less than £10 worth of thyroxine!! Utter madness :-(

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I know Harry and totally empathise. You would think that to go in with a bit of insight as to how you are feeling would be a good thing . But despite about twenty family members suffering from this condition I am still informed according to my in range tsh that I AM NORMAL! Phew what a relief (said with a hint of sarcasm). Onwards and upwards


I had my visit to a consultant tonight who told me in no uncertain terms would he recommend NDT..he wouldn't advocate any meds that come from human or animals...hmmm really?

I have managed to get a shed full of tests to be done, only because I have private insurance and they will pay the explorative tests.

He thinks that I'm just tired because I'm a mother and wife who works...his wife complains about this too....

Oh and I was questioned about depression too...and my reflexes were all fine that proves I'm not hypo, otherwise they would have had a delayed response...hadn't read this little nugget anywhere before...sigh!


So when this prat has heart disease and is offered a pig heart valve...... What do you think he'll do? Or a blood transfusion? Or an organ transplant? Or donor eggs/sperm for infertility? What an idiot!


Here here Harry. Well said.


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