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Could anybody tell me why l have a pain sensation in my throat,had a couple of oops,first to remove a module,which also remove left thyroid,

Because of

course hashimoto.

Second opp was key hole surgery,lump on back of tounge,down my throat.both thank God,wasn't cancerous.

Separately,at time get this ki d of burning pain,hard to explain...but at the same time concerned,as reading on here and what lve found d else where,or read,doctors ha e never told me how to manage my hashimoto,let along thyroid.......

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Because of your history I think you ought to book a non-urgent appointment and discuss this with your GP. It may be due to the healing process, a virus or infection but you ought to get it properly checked. I hope it's nothing serious.


Hi clutter,

Thanks for your reply,have to see doc soon for more meds,so will mention and get no to u on what will b said to me



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