A fun simple maths game

Here is a lovely petition and game to go with it, 15,000 members on this TUK HU site, if everybody signs it and sends it by email or Facebook or by whatever means to twenty people, even to get ten signatures per person.....answers on a post card...


The answer is here if not, The answer is 150.000 - 100.000 signatures would probably trigger a debate in parliament. I know I drone on and on but I sent it to all my contacts on Facebook, all my email contacts, work, friends and relatives and now my cat is doing the same. etc.

MaryF x

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Love you Mary!...

And your cat......! ;) xxx

My cat is is too busy to reply.



Ah bless what a lovely cat x

Sharing again Mary, thanks for the reminder xx

Ta.... people power etc! MaryF x