In the Angry Mail recently 'Woman cures her own M.E using protein shakes', might be worth a try ?

I hope the hyper link works as I am not very technically minded. I have hypothyroidism and despite 125mg of thyroxine I still feel bloody awful on occasion. So in the desire to be well I have purchased some Whey protein (chocolate flavoured), amino acid pills, co enzyme q10 and some aloe vera, let's see what happens

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  • Hope it works,let us know wound you.x

  • What are your levels of B12 - Iron - Ferritin - Folate - VitD ? Post the results with ranges and someone will be able to help....

  • I think the second woman in particular looks 'hypo' but am glad both women recovered their health by their own hands.

  • I doubt they were ever ill in the first place!! The daily wail tends to use actors and tell out and out LIES!!!

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