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Thyroid nodules on right lobe a year after hemi-thyroidectomy, anybody experienced this?

I'm on no meds a year after operation, removed one half for 2 large nodules , biopsy was inconclusive and it was strangling me! Luckily no cancer. symptoms are now same as last year, slowly being strangled. Had ultrasound and two further nodules are now present. I feel like I have all symptoms of hypothyroid but bloods always been "normal" .Seeing consultant tomorrow, so any thoughts or advice very welcome. Thanks guys.

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I had nodules on one side, and part of that side removed. Then nodules on the other side about 15 yeras later, so that side removed. I had no thyroxine medication until after the second operation, although I felt that I needed it. Now after nearly 20 years of levothyroxine with dose adjusted using symptoms rather than just blood tests, I've been made ill by a new GP who only looks at blood test reults. If you feel "hypo" despite blood test results, keeping asking for treatment. I've spent 8 months feeling really ill, but am finally convincing my doctor that the blood tests are misleading. I've done it by collecting loads of evidence: lists of all my symptoms, a table of body temperature readings (especially before getting out of bed in the morning - "basal body temperature"), and facts about how the thyroid gland works etc.. Good luck anyway!


Very interesting jbthom thanks for replying I will starry a symptom diary now.



Really sorry with your experience,no cancer...good.

I myself had the opp to also remove a module from my voice box,duri g opp found red blood cells attacking my left thyroid.....yep hashimotos.......

But about 2/3past a a further lump was found at the bk of my tongue,down my throat.both ,non cancerous,

That's my story......the second opp was keyhole surgery,you know yourself more than any doctor,don't be flobed off,be archived for your needs,the doctors don't always tell you everything,as l learnt l had hashimotos after me the keyhole opp.that's was hearing speak through his Dicta phone,prob for his Secretary.

Good luck and hope you feel better soon


Gosh you have come through a lot sue, I will take your advice and keep at the Drs till I feel better. Thank you


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