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Armour or Erfa confusion

I hesitate between Armour and Erfa. Many in US forums are upset about Armour's reformulation and favour Erfa. I have read some posts about Armour working better recently, and some are not too crazy about Erfa. It's really confusing...I can only get Armour or Erfa where I live (Belgium), NP Thyroid is not available, and it's illegal to import NDT from Thailand (I think I'd always be nervous it'd end up confiscated by customs...).

Those of you who have tried Armour or Erfa, or both, which one would you recommend?Also, have you noticed a difference between the lower and higher strengths of Armour (up to 120 mg or 2 grains vs 3, 4 and 5 grain pills)?

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Armour's reformulation was a few years ago and, as far as I know, people are happy with it now. That's not a guarantee that it will be the best for you, I am afraid, as no matter what we try it is always trial and error initially. It. would be easier if they all worked the same but, just like levothyroxine, our bodies process medication differently

I tried a few NDT's but not Armour and found Naturethroid for me was better than Erfa but some are fine on it. I also do well on T3.

I hope you have success whichever you choose.


Hi, thanks for your reply. Do you mean Armour is working better now, or that it is working better for patients who never tried the old (pre-2009) version? )



I used to take Armour but i was one of those people who found the reformulated version did not work for me. I was on Westhroid for a while which was better than the reformulated Armour. I then moved onto Erfa -Erfa to me is like Armour used to be before it was reformulated. It really suits me. I have found it comparable with Armour. I would go on to Stop the Madness website -they have all the NDT's contents listed so you can compare if they have the same level of T3 & T4 in their tablets. The other reason why I like Erfa is that in the UK I can argue that Erfa has undergone the same medical testing in Canada that all registered synthetic medications have to under go. I have found this gives my GP's a lot more confidence in the product.


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