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feeling ten times worse

I woke yesterday with a painful left ankle and my left foot is turned inwards and today my right ankle is the same.i have put on support bandages but not sure if they are helping.dont know if this is thyroid issue think it maybe more lupus.when i saw my dr last week he said my legs were more swollen at the back yet when I told him(and A&E) my legs were swollen sometime ago said nothing.(lupus can affect veins and cause swelling?)

cough has been worse since yesterday-every time I lie down and throat so sore and tight and also tightness further down top of chest which feels lumpy also.have fatty areas there which gp said he didn't know what they were(since told cushings).

dog walks getting harder and harder.

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ok I will.have my next appointment booked for 14th may but if I feel worse then go sooner.have had bloods in the past for allsorts.would a cushings test be amongst "routine "ones?


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