Hypothyroid and untreated - can this cause Hashimoto's?

I have just discovered that following my routine test a year ago, my thyroid was still underactive despite being on levo for a year prior to the test. Now, a further year on (having just requested those results) my Serum TSH was 7.30 (0.40-5.50) and I was NEVER told and nobody increased my medication. Now I have recently been diagnosed with Hashimoto's!! I am furious and have made a complaint with the GP surgery. Any advice much appreciated.

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  • Hashimoto's causes hypothyroidism, so the antibodies have probably been there for ages, before finally causing the hypo. But yes it is terrible that they have not increased your meds. How do you feel?

  • Apart from furious, I feel awful. Terrible pins and needles in hands, have been very cold since yesterday morning, very tired, joints feel like they are on fire and don't get me started on the memory loss. Have been off work for 5 weeks and start a phased return next week. I am so annoyed that I have been going backwards and forwards to the doctors and finally got referral to endo and they could have helped me over a year ago!!

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