I am trying to find out if there are any thyroid study anywhere north west or private doctor I. Manchester area. Asp please

My tsh has been 2.5, 2.5, 3.89, 2.98, now 1.98 with a vitamin D of 22, igm whatever that's for raised think it was 2.41. Think it was a hormone one 22 but not sure asked for trial treatment but said no I have all the symptoms memory loss blurred vision weight gain cold hands and feet etc etc depression really bad on and off aching joints need help even private but none listed manchester north west anyone can help would be great.

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So sorry you had no replies - it would appear that your question was missed...

Hopefully someone with relevant knowledge will pick it up from Latest Activity...



Hopefully really desperate just now so hope I can get some answers soon.

I think you would benefit from further testing. Why are they only testing TSH?

If you can't get FT4, FT3 and thyroid antibodies tested at your GP, there is some information on our website about private testing...


Also, more helpful info here:




Thank you for your help really appreciate it.. I've asked for yhe other test but they say they don't do it unless tsh is over 4.2 but can't understand it changing so much. Hopefully I will find a specialist privately soon and get sorted . They said also kidney test in range at 83.2 I think it was he said in range as range was 90

Kind regards

Hello there,

I noticed that you mentioned that your vitamin D was only 22 -that is very low. Low vitamin D can mimic many of the symptoms of an underactive thyroid. Your GP should be able to prescribe vit D3 to bring your level up. You need to aim for 80nmol. If your GP refuses then you might finding googlng The Vitamin Council website helpful -they have an excellent booklet on vitamin D deficiency and how to treat it. my vitamin D levels were very low and I felt truly awful with extreme fatigue, aches and pain, non restful sleep ( waking up tired), no energy, feeling weak, blurred vision and poor memory.

If necessary you can purchase Vit D3 for little expense but given your low blood level your GP should be happy to prescribe. The GP should then test you again in a few months time as it takes time to bring your levels back up. Some time GP's will prescribe a high one of dose -but you should not do this on your own as it can interfere with your calcium levels - high doses of vit D3 should be only under medical supervision.

Hope this helps

Sorry forgot to post the link!


Thanks a lot for all that and now been given vitD by my doctor high dose for 20 weeks. Thanks again x

Hello Shirley

Only just seen your message....I get lost on how to,find things on this site!

I live in NW and would also like to see a well informed endo in Manchester so if you would keep me informed I would be grateful . Let me know how you get on...and good luck.

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