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why didnt I say anything

cursing myself for not telling dr thyroid issues.tonight tightness in neck,hoarse voice,and enlarged gland s larynx etc.feeling tearful again after goign to drs-just cant help thinking its more than IBS/bloating cos stomach rock hard .pain in chest area and weight gain of over 11 kgs is abdominal.would bloating in stomach cause that much weight gain?i cant see it.

off subject -cant cope with my stomach being so huge.feeling stressed over it .how can I get thru the spring/summer wearing coats all the time to hide my stomach when everyone else is wearing tops.

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Hi Anbuma,

I'm not sure what else to suggest other than food changes to help with the abdominal bloating. Have you ever tried colpermin capsules? They contain peppermint oil and can help, as can peppermint tea.

In terms of clothing when the fine weather comes...I tend to wear long loose tops that gather under the bust then are loose all the way down to cover my hips. It's the best I can do in the circumstances with my weight as it is - that or sundresses with a similar fit. Wearing a longer length loose top stops the eye being drawn to your belly which it otherwise would do with a waist length top. A waist length top cuts you off at, and thus draws the eye to, the widest part - the tummy. X


hi shiny .I haven't heard of colpermin capsules but will try and get some.are they ok to take with prescribed meds or should i check with gp first?im afraid I live in trousers and jumpers,not a dress person.


If your abdominal area is rock hard, please go get that checked out asap. That is not normal.

As for forgetting, may I suggest writing a list to tell your GP. Adding on all what you put above and also requesting a blood test for TSH, T4, all Irons, vitamin D, oestrogen levels.

Ovarian Cysts can cause abdominal distension, weight gain. ( I have them and the largest one was over 700 cms)

Sorry you are feeling so poorly

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hi ravenhex,thanks for your reply,ive not "spoken"with you before.i have to see him again in one month so will ahve a list ready before then i have had several scans and they keep saying they are normal btu its know that its difficult to detect ovarian cancer and it get s mistaken for a bowel condition!have had TSH done (3.4)gp wouldnt do T4 as TSH within range.i have read so many stories in magazines and on here of peopl e with cysts not detected..


Hi anbuma I had 7kg weight gain in one week, all on my stomach,ask your doctor if there could be any connection with having your gallbladder removed. I really understand your distress, I spent 16months of every test available, I take a tablet before every meal called mebervine, do fodmap diet, no gluten or lactose and take questran lite once a day, WRITE THIS DOWN AND TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR ABOUT IT. I wish you well.


Hi again Anbuma!

Maybe ask doc to send you for thyroid ultrasound, they can show up a hundred things a blood test cant, and TSH is only a minor part of thyroid. Have you had antibodies tested too? I may have missed some things in your journey so correct me if I've forgotten !! Ps: My stomach really Started to protrude after my gall bladder was removed! Keep a list too of all tests you can get, then tick them off, you will find the answer & peace...eventually! Can take years sometimes!! I laugh now that in my search the docs/surgeons randomly found many, many issues so I've had everything fixed/removed so now I can start with a clean, fresh body! Lol

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hi there rose2408 and denvajade thank you I will do and have noted down everyones comments so I can ask him to please listen to me without offence.


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