persistent tickly cough, caused by RAI?

I had RAI for overactive thyroid last November, still under care of endo who is monitoring my blood tests every month and currently on 50g levothyroxine. Feeling generally okay but have had this odd cough for the past 10 days which is worse at night, feels like a very dry tickly feeling and I'm wondering if it could have anything to do with the RAI treatment. Anyon have any experience of this? I have an app with my doctor next week, would bring up the subject of my thyroid if it might be relevant

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  • I have had thyroid problems sinc elast august and someone suggested it was linked to my gallbladder op.i have had a cough fro about 18months which is only at night when I lie down.dr acknowledged it and said chest was clear-end of story! wouldn't consider anything cant be much help.

  • Hi I also had RAI and about six months later at the same time that a cough started my neck went from a puffy smooth to scrawny very soon after the cough started I noticed some weakness in my voice and I would get hoarse quite quickly. What's your voice like is it ok.

  • Voice is unchanged, just this damn awful cough

  • Do keep an eye to your voice mine gets really tired and then I struggle my Speach and language therapist is convinced it's the thyroid desease I have just started t3 so am hoping it helps my Speach it has already helped the restless leg. Do take care of yourself it takes some time to fully recover from RAI I am 3 years and it has only been the indri suction of t3 that's so far helping. Just keep smiling and look to the future and finding what works for you :-)

  • what is RAI?my voice is very hoarse a lot of the time.

  • radioactive iodine treatment for hyperthyroidism

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