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Great article by Jeanette Winterson on Bioidentical hormones - mentions thyroid/ferritin

Check out this great article by Jeanette Winterson (author) on the front page of the Guardian online about the problems she had with menopause. She mentions (briefly) thyroid and low ferritin as well as sex hormones and write about how she had to go privately to get help.

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It is a very good article, some of the replies are a little strange. PR

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She writes really well - thanks for link to a very interesting article. I feel for those poor mares - what wickedness to animals in the supposed name of science, sheer greed and profiteering at any cost. I think the scientists who devise this stuff are psychopaths, in a sane world they'd be the ones locked up not those horses.


How does Marion Gluck justify her charges or is that due to location location location?


I wouldn't pay those kind of prices but I think it's standard for "harley street/wimpole street" doctors. The consulting rooms probably cost an arm and a leg to hire.

I had a neurology consultant's secretary quote me £380 for a consult in a less fancy London venue some years ago.


I go to Dr Gluck. Saved my life.


I have used Projuven (supposedly a progesterone cream) as I don't want to take HRT. Can't say it's made a scrap of difference.


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