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All Control of Thyroid Is Local, In the Tissues and Organs Throughout The Human Body


There is an interesting article by P. Reed Larson and others on the deiodinases which is open access. They are considering manipulating the deiodinases as a therapeutic model. I think it will be a long time before science has enough understanding of the system that this could be done without damaging the patient. PR

"Deiodinases control TH action in a precise spatio-temporal fashion thereby providing a novel mechanism for the local paracrine and autocrine regulation of TH action. This remarkable tissue-specific regulation of intracellular thyroid status remains hidden due to the maintenance of constant circulating TH concentrations by the hypothalamic–pituitary–thyroid axis."

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Thanks for posting




Sorry for ignoring it PR!

There is now compelling evidence that the control of TH action by deiodinases significantly affects the physiology of many organs and tissues. The data available demonstrate that thyroid hormone levels in the circulation do not faithfully reflect TH status in multiple cell types. Although our knowledge is still primitive, the results obtained to date raise the possibility of using deiodinases as therapeutic targets to modify TH action in selected tissues.

From where I am, it seems patently obvious that the amount of thyroid hormone within a cell will depend on the dynamic balance of transport into the cell, processing within the cell, and transport out of the cell. The first step is surely for medics to understand that the amount in the bloodstream only represents an opportunity for the transporter mechanism to move it into a cell. Simply being in the bloodstream does not mean that the transporters will move it inside.

Certainly I appreciate that scientific understanding, explanation, proof is far more difficult than the thought experiment level I can aspire to, but there are an awful lot of purportedly bright people walking by.


PR4NOW in reply to helvella

I didn't think you were ignoring it Rod, you Admins have a lot of ground to cover. P. Reed Larson has also worked with Dr. Bianco on some studies of the deiodinases. I'd like to be able to read some of the other articles in the issue on 'Thyroid Hormone Signaling" but the rest are behind the pay wall. There is also an article by Dr. Hollenberg on the co-activators and co-repressors but you only get a short abstract. There is another by Dr. Tata on the TRs which would also be fun. PR

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